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Looking for 24/7 emergency plumber Sunbury services? Call Plumbplus Solutions for repairs on your pipes, drains, toilets and more. Get your quote now. We proudly serve various Melbourne suburbs from Altona, Preston, Malvern, Coburg, Glen Waverley and many more. If you’d like lasting results for your plumbing repairs, installations and maintenance, look no further than Plumbplus Solutions. Don’t delay your repairs and risk damaging the contents of your property. Additionally, we highly recommend our maintenance services for your plumbing’s general upkeep. If you’d like to extend your plumbing’s shelf life while maintaining its best working performance, call Plumbplus Solutions. We always provide an upfront competitive quote for all our jobs.

24/7 Emergency Plumber Sunbury Repairs & Installations

At Plumbplus Solutions, it is our mission to make affordable plumbing accessible for everyone. It’s why we’ve maximised our coverage throughout Melbourne serviceable areas. We run operations 24/7 so we’re always available for your job. Providing a wide range of services across residential and commercial plumbing needs, we have a wealth of experience at our disposal. Equipped to handle emergencies of any scale, we can repair, replace and maintain just about any plumbing related hardware. Choose Plumbplus Solutions for the leading plumber Sunbury homeowners and businesses can rely on without breaking the bank. Talk to a member of our team today to discuss your needs and get your quote. 

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Our Range Of Plumber Sunbury Services

Our team of plumbers and gas fitters are skilled across various domestic and commercial plumbing applications. From bathroom plumbing, leak detection, drain systems to non-invasive methods like pipe relining, we can quickly fix your plumbing. Additionally, we’re trained diagnosticians who can recommend the most cost-effective solution in the long run. We always aim to repair rather than replace whenever possible. If we advise a replacement, it’s so you can have robust, lasting results that stay problem-free in the long term. From pipework, tap repairs, toilet repairs, gas works and more, call Plumbplus Solutions. Here are just some areas of service we regularly provide for homes and businesses across Melbourne:
Toilet Plunger

Blocked Drains

Do you have a blocked drain at your home or workplace? Whether it’s a kitchen, toilet, stormwater, sewage drain or anything else, we offer quick blocked drain repairs. Don’t risk further damage by delaying your plumbing work or have someone unqualified do it. You need the right equipment and skill set to get the job done safely and efficiently. Plumbplus Solutions can quickly unclog your drains, restoring your water and disposal access.

Water Heater

Hot Water System Repairs

Are you having trouble with your hot water unit? Plumbplus Solutions offers hot water repairs at great prices. If you happen to need a replacement, we can quickly supply a new unit for you. As longtime partners of various hot water brands, we can provide a hot water system tailored to your needs and budget.

Pressure Gauge

Gas Repairs & Installations

Our licensed gas fitters offer gas repairs and installations for any gas related appliance. From stoves, heaters, gas pipes and more, we can repair, replace or maintain any gas works in your home or business.


Leak Detection

Leaks can be difficult to spot. Rest easy, our leak detection experts can locate the source of your leaks quickly and promptly stop its progress. We can limit the damage and tend to your leaking pipes. For leak detection services and pipe repairs, call plumbers from Plumbplus Solutions.

Leaking Taps

Tap Repairs

Do you have a leaking tap? Or worse, has your tap broken down completely? Whether it’s a kitchen tap, bathroom tap or outdoor tap, we provide quick tap repairs and installations at great prices.


Toilet Repairs

Our experience across residential and commercial plumbing makes us qualified to refurbish your entire bathroom. If you’ve got a broken toilet, we offer quick toilet repairs and toilet installation for professional results.

Tee Pipe Extractor

Burst/Leaking Pipes

Do you have a burst or leaking pipe at your property? Before your water bill spikes, or there’s any major safety hazards for your building, call us right away. We can reline your pipes, a cost and time-saving alternative homeowners and businesses prefer. This strengthens your pipes and renews its life without disrupting existing plumbing work. Avoid the cost of a full replacement for your burst or leaking pipes by enlisting our help early on.

Pipe Fixing

No Dig Drain Repairs

Are you worried about the mess of your drain repairs? Plumbplus Solutions offers a cleaner alternative for your peace of mind. Our no dig drain repairs ensure no mess left on your premises. We treat your space with care, so you never have to tidy up after us. There won’t be any heavy excavation work, or upturned yards, broken slabs or busted walls. We can repair your drains without disrupting the existing pipework in your property.

Call Plumbplus Solutions To Your Location Now

Call Plumbplus Solutions to your location now. Our mission is not only to get rid of your plumbing’s current problems, but to eliminate future ones. Our experience across residential and commercial plumbing has allowed us to provide services across a wide range of plumbing needs. Whether you’ve got a burst pipe or a blocked drain, or issues with your hot water, we can help. Always keeping prices low and turnaround short, enjoy upfront competitive quotes with Plumbplus Solutions. For quality plumbing that won’t make you break the bank, call Plumbplus Solutions to your address today.
Need a plumber? We also service Bentleigh, Melton, Epping and the rest of metropolitan Melbourne


A: You need to call for professional plumbers so you won’t risk any damage to your plumbing. Faulty handling or poor workmanship from an unqualified handyman will worsen the issue. You’ll be incurring higher repairs costs as the problem will become more complicated to solve. The best thing to do when you’ve got a situation on your hands is call professional plumbers from Plumbplus Solutions right away. We can guarantee results for your plumbing and give you lasting benefits. If you’d like cost-friendly services for problem-free plumbing, be it your drains, pipes, gas works, hot water, bathroom plumbing or more, call us!
A: Don’t puncture the blockage to force it down. Get expert plumbers on the scene before it results in health or safety hazards. Plumbplus Solutions can deal with your blocked drains. No matter the cause, from gunk, debris, food, foreign objects or more, we can unclog your drains safely and efficiently. Call our team and we’ll free your drains in no time, restoring your water and disposal routes.
A: Yes, we can. Our emergency plumbers are available all day every day throughout Melbourne and various surrounding suburbs. From Sunbury, Essendon, Preston, Kew, Malvern, Coburg and more, we can get to your location without delay.
A: At Plumbplus Solutions, we always charge our customers fairly. This is because we price our services based on the job you need done and never the hour. Furthermore, we provide honest upfront quotes and competitive pricing for all our services. If you’d like transparent, stress-free plumbing services, there’s no better team to call than Plumbplus Solutions. And if you happen to be a senior, ask us about our pensioner’s discount!
A: We are available 24/7. Open at all hours, Plumbplus Solutions is ready to get to any Melbourne serviceable areas to fix your plumbing.
A: Yes. This is to ensure your protection from any liability involved in the work we do. Our services are fully insured for your peace of mind. We always guarantee results for the workmanship we provide. We’re known for our credibility in giving homes and businesses Melbourne-wide the services they need. Maintaining the highest professional standard of workmanship at all times, you’re always paying for value with Plumbplus Solutions.
A: Yes, we are. Our plumbers are licensed and always up to date with the latest training. We stay on top of relevant industry regulations, practices and new plumbing technology. This ensures you’re getting the best results for your plumbing work at all times.