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For emergency plumber Port Melbourne 24/7 repairs, call Plumbplus Solutions and enjoy cost-friendly prices. Get your competitive quote now. We can fix just about anything plumbing related at your home or business. More importantly, we also provide quick installations in the event you’re better off with a replacement for your plumbing hardware. Our plumbers are licensed, providing you the very best of plumbing services. We can quickly sort out your plumbing from time-saving repairs to cost-effective replacement tailored to your needs. Additionally, we also provide maintenance services for your plumbing’s general upkeep. If you’d like to prolong your plumbing’s lifespan while maintaining its best working performance, we can ensure your plumbing is in top condition. Furthermore, as trained diagnosticians we not only eliminate your current problems, but prevent future ones. Get our plumbers to your address today.

24/7 Plumber Port Melbourne Emergency Service

Our plumbers always arrive with a fully stocked vehicle and the right equipment to complete your job. We are available at all hours every day, no matter if it’s a busy weekday or a public holiday. Offering 24/7 plumber Port Melbourne emergency service, our emergency plumbers can get to your address without delay. Our focus is to maximise coverage across Melbourne’s serviceable areas. Making affordable plumbing accessible for everyone, get the leading plumber Port Melbourne families and businesses rely on. Plumbplus Solutions is always on standby, ready to get to your location. 

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Our Plumber Port Melbourne Range Of Services

With our experience across a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing needs, we regularly provide a wide range of services. We can deal with blocked drains, leaks, burst pipes, hot water repairs, bathroom plumbing and more. If you’d like effective, budget-friendly repairs with lasting benefits, we’re the ones to call. Fast-to-respond, courteous and affordable, we always treat your space with the respect and care it deserves. Get our team to work on your plumbing so you can resume life stress-free immediately. Moreover, rely on our preventive maintenance to extend your plumbing’s shelf life. We can maintain your hardware’s best working condition and give you problem-free plumbing for a long, long time. Here are some of the areas of service we regularly assist our clients with:
Toilet Plunger

Blocked Drains

Do you have a blocked drain at your property? Whether it’s a kitchen drain, bathroom drain, sewage drain or more, we can unclog your drains quickly and safely. With the right equipment for the task, we will prevent further damage to your pipes. Get your water and disposal routes up and running again by calling us early on. Avoid major health and safety hazards for your drains by getting professional plumbers on the scene right away.

Water Heater

Hot Water Repairs

Is your hot water not functioning properly? Or is it refusing to start at all? We provide quick, cost-friendly hot water repairs. If you happen to need a replacement, we can quickly source a new hot water unit for you at great prices. As longtime partners of leading hot water brands, we can provide a new hot water system tailored to your needs and budget.


Toilet Repairs

Do you have a blocked toilet drain? Or has your toilet broken completely? Are you building or renovating? Whatever the case, whether you simply need a quick fix or a replacement, Plumbplus Solutions can help. We regularly complete toilet repairs and toilet installations across commercial and residential spaces. With our expertise, we can refurbish your whole bathroom plumbing whenever you need it.

Leaking Taps

Leaking Taps

Is your tap leaking? Has there been an increase in your water bills? Before you incur higher expenses or an accident occurs at your property, get your leaking taps fixed immediately. We’ve provided tap repairs and tap installations across homes and businesses Melbourne-wide.


Leak Detection

Leaks can be hard to spot. Our leak detection experts can quickly determine the source of your leaks and stop them. We can inspect your property and quickly repair your pipes before any damage to your building occurs. Prevent higher repairs costs and the need for a replacement by calling for us early.

Tee Pipe Extractor

Burst/Leaking Pipes

A burst or leaking pipe is an urgent problem that needs immediate attention. We offer a time and cost-saving alternative for your burst or leaking pipe with our pipe relining services. We can renew your pipe’s life, strengthening it without disrupting any existing plumbing work. Don’t delay your repairs and risk flooding your home or business.

Pressure Gauge

Gas Repairs & Gas Installations

Our professional plumbers are trained to handle gas safely, installing gas pipelines, repairing gas appliances and more. We can fix stoves, heaters, gas pipes and various other gas works efficiently. For gas repairs and gas installations with robust results, contact Plumbplus Solutions.

Pipe Fixing

No Dig Drain Repairs

Worried about a mess on your premises? Our no dig drain repairs ensures you won’t have to deal with the stress. We can repair your drains without heavy excavation work. There won’t be any upturned yards, broken slabs or busted walls. Clean, convenient and reliable, we’ll repair your drains without disrupting your existing pipework.

Call Plumbplus Solutions To Your Address Today

Call Plumbplus Solutions to your address today. We can fix your plumbing at cost-friendly prices. With a diverse team of gas fitters and plumbers, we can service a wide variety of residential and commercial plumbing needs. Better yet, our experience allows us to keep prices and turnaround low for your convenience. If you’ve got a family home or a business to run, there isn’t a more efficient team to complete your plumbing work on time and on budget. Affordable, reliable and professional, we’re the top plumber Port Melbourne homes and local businesses depend on. Speak to a friendly member of our team to discuss your needs and get your competitive quote!
Need a plumber? We also service Kew, St Kilda, Altona and the rest of metropolitan Melbourne


A: Calling for professional plumbers will ensure no further damage to your plumbing. While it’s easy to underestimate the scale of your problem, an unqualified handyman without the right skills or tools will end up doing more harm than good. Call Plumbplus Solutions the moment you suspect anything wrong. We can repair anything plumbing related from drains, pipes, gas works, toilets, taps, hot water and more to lasting results.
A: Don’t attempt to puncture the blockage or force it down. Get experienced plumbers on the job. We can get to your doorstep and free your drains in no time. We’ll safely and quickly unclog your drains, remove the build up and restore your running water. Get fully working drains again by calling for Plumbplus Solutions at your earliest convenience.
A: We are available 24/7 throughout Melbourne serviceable areas. This includes Port Melbourne, Kew, Essendon, Glen Waverley, Malvern and various other suburbs. We can dispatch a licensed plumber to your location right away from the moment you call.
A: We always charge our customers fairly. This is because we price our services based on the job and never the hour. Additionally, we provide honest upfront quotes and affordable prices for your plumbing. Transparent, reliable and quick-to-respond, we’re the most credible team of plumbers in your area. And if you happen to be a senior, ask us about our pensioner’s discount!
A: We are open 24/7 every day. No matter if it’s 3AM or 11PM, you never have to hesitate calling us.
A: Yes, plumbers need insurance. This ensures we are held accountable for the work we do. For your protection, our services are fully insured. This guarantees you are receiving the highest professional standard of workmanship for your plumbing.
A: Yes, we are. Our plumbers take furthering their professional development seriously. Our team stays up to date with the latest industry regulations, training and plumbing technology. We maintain a consistent quality and give you the best results for all our jobs.