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Struggling with an annoying blocked drain Coburg? Or do you need leak detection Coburg experts to quickly repair your kitchen sink? No problem, Plumbplus Solutions is here for all your plumber Coburg requirements. Need cost-effective plumber Coburg repairs with long-lasting results? Simply Call Plumbplus Solutions on 0404 181 181 to book 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs, at great prices. We have years of experience working on residential and commercial plumbing projects. In that time, we’ve seen and dealt with it all. Our team can handle various plumbing emergencies of any scale. 

From blocked drains, burst pipes, broken hot water systems, toilets, taps, and more, we can confidently repair any plumbing-related hardware. Don’t delay your repairs and risk unnecessary damage to your plumbing work and property. You can minimise the expenses by getting your plumbing fixed promptly. This way you can avoid the time and costs of a replacement. For the leading plumber Coburg citizens rely on, contact us and request a plumber to your location right away.


At Plumbplus Solutions, we are committed to providing great plumbing work at an affordable price. It’s why we keep prices low and turnover short, and maximise our availability throughout Melbourne serviceable areas. We are on standby 24/7, ready to take on all plumbing jobs that come our way. For emergency plumber Coburg repairs, with quality workmanship and honest upfront quotes, rely on Plumbplus Solutions. We proudly service various suburbs from Altona, Burwood, Camberwell, Essendon, Glen Waverley, Malvern, and many more.
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If you’d like residential and commercial plumbing work conducted at a competitive price, look no further than Plumbplus Solutions. We’re quick-working, budget-friendly, and reliable. Our expertise extends to various areas of plumbing, from hot water, pipes, and drain systems to gas works. The following are just some of the services we regularly provide for homes and businesses across metropolitan Melbourne:
Toilet Plunger

Exceptional Blocked Drain Coburg Service

Are you experiencing a blocked drain? That can really put a damper on things but, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a bathroom drain, stormwater drain, kitchen drain, or anything else, we can quickly unclog the blockage for you. It’s important to conduct your blocked drain repairs in a timely and safe manner. This avoids further damage to your pipes. So hang tight and call us immediately whenever you suspect your drains are clogged.

Leaking Taps

Leaking Taps

Before your water bills spike or there’s an accident in the home, get your leaking taps fixed pronto. Plumbplus Solutions works with various tapware from bathroom taps, kitchen taps, outdoor taps, and more. We’ve provided quick tap repairs and tap installations throughout various residential and commercial spaces.


Toilet Repairs

Do you have a broken toilet? Whether you’re building or renovating, we’re equipped to refurbish your entire bathroom’s plumbing. For years, Plumbplus Solutions has conducted toilet repairs and toilet installations across residential and commercial properties, at amazing prices.

Pressure Gauge

Gas Repairs/Installations

Our licensed gas fitters can expertly handle your gas repairs and installations, for any gas-related appliance. This includes stoves, heaters, gas pipes, and more. We keep up with the latest plumbing technology and training to complete your gas works safely and efficiently.

Tee Pipe Extractor

Burst/Leaking Pipes

Are your water bills increasing with no apparent explanation? Do you feel a dampness on your property? Whatever the case, a burst or leaking pipe needs urgent attention. Don’t delay calling for help and risk flooding your home. We can immediately repair your burst or leaking pipes. Alternatively, in the event you need a replacement, we can quickly carry out the installation. We can install brand new pipes that will remain problem-free for many years.

Water Heater

Hot Water Unit Repairs

Is your hot water not performing as it should? We conduct skillful hot water unit repairs, and can supply you with a new hot water system if needed. As longtime partners of leading hot water brands, we’ll provide you with a replacement tailored to your needs and budget. Additionally, we can also perform maintenance for your hot water unit to ensure its best working conditions.


Amazing Leak Detection Coburg Service

Do you suspect a leak at your property? Call Plumbplus Solutions right away. We are leak detection experts who can quickly determine the source of your leak and stop it. What’s more, we provide a noninvasive, time and cost-saving method in our pipe relining service to effectively fix your pipes.

Pipe Fixing

No Dig Drain Repairs

It’s reasonable to worry about the mess your drain repairs may cause. Plumbplus Solutions offers a cleaner alternative, through our no-dig drain repairs service. We won’t have to interrupt your daily life or business operations. Furthermore, our work on your drains won’t disrupt your existing plumbing. With no heavy excavation, you won’t have to deal with upturned yards, broken slabs, or busted walls. How convenient is that?


It’s important to call for plumbing help immediately, the moment you notice something’s amiss. We’ll help minimise the damage, the expenses, and prevent major health and safety hazards for your property. Constantly keeping up with relevant industry regulations, our licensed plumbers complete work to the highest professional standard. For the most reliable local plumber Coburg homes and businesses depend on, call Plumbplus Solutions on 0404 181 181. We always maintain a fast turnover and competitive prices for our customers. Plumbplus Solutions – the number one local plumbing service.

Need a plumber? We also service Preston, Caroline Springs, Essendon and the rest of metropolitan Melbourne


A: At a glance, it’s easy to underestimate your plumbing repairs. But an unqualified handyman will do more harm than good to your plumbing. Without the right skillset or tools to correctly and safely work on your pipes, hot water, bathroom or gas, you’re risking plenty. This may vary from higher repairs costs, the need for a replacement when you previously didn’t need one, to major safety and health hazards for your property. This is why you need to call professional plumbers right away the moment you suspect something’s wrong.
A: Call Plumbplus Solutions. We can safely and quickly remove the blockage. Don’t try to forcefully pierce through the obstruction and risk damaging your drains. Whatever the cause of your blocked drains, we’ll conduct repairs to get them fully functioning again while preventing further damage.
A: Yes. We are available 24/7 throughout Melbourne serviceable areas. This includes Coburg, Camberwell, Essendon, Glen Waverley, Kew, Malvern and various other suburbs.
A: Plumbplus Solutions always price our services based on the job and never the hour. This ensures you are getting charged fairly and that you’re paying for value. Furthermore, our honest upfront quotes and competitive pricing keeps us affordable for families and local businesses.
A: We are open 24/7. Our operations run at all hours every day. This means we’re on standby ready for your job whenever you call. No matter if it’s 2AM or 10PM, we’ll be able to get to your location promptly to fix your plumbing.
A: Yes. Insured plumbing services ensure you’re protected from any liability and that we are held accountable for our workmanship. If you’d like plumbing services that never compromises quality while remaining cost-friendly, choose Plumbplus Solutions.
A: We are fully licensed. Our team of plumbers are always on top of the latest plumbing developments and industry regulations. We take furthering our professional training very seriously to give you the best results for your plumbing.